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Your home is where life revolves around. You know that whatever weather next season brings, your home will keep your family comfortable, safe, and together.

But homes eventually show their age too. You hear a drip… drip… drip. You look up and immediately see there’s a leak coming from the roof. Not a second after you get a bucket down to catch the drops, questions flood your mind: How did this happen? Where does the leak start from? How much is this going to be to fix?

Put your mind at ease because Blue & Blue Roofing professionals will find and fix the problem above so you can forget about it below. Easily request a quote and our team with 30+ years of experience will guide you through what you’re looking at and what’s needed to fix it. With decades of experience in Shoreline and the Pacific Northwest, we’ve seen every type of roof repair imaginable, and we’ve repaired it all.

But don’t just take our word. Read from the Shoreline customers who are happy they chose Blue & Blue Roofing for their roof repair.

Blue & Blue Roofing Testimonials
From Past Shoreline Roofing Clients

Betty Vanderzee
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We loved the Blue and Blue roof experience. From the estimate by Mark to the women in the office to the actual roofing team (Juan and others), everyone was so friendly and helpful. They are a family business here in shoreline, so we felt good about supporting them. The price was good compared to other estimates. They replaced our skylights and we even have shades to cover them when it gets hot next summer. And the roof is such high quality material and work! We now have more vents than we knew we needed, and after every day, Juan and his team would clean up everything so it was cleaner than before they started. They even ran a big magnet over our lawn to pick up stray nails. No more leaks! Thank you Blue and Blue! I highly recommend them!
Lydia Mills
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Blue and Blue roofing has been helping us for several years and when it came time to finally replace our roof we did not think twice about working with them. The process was so smooth, the workers were very professional, and Mark and team are wonderful.

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