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Your home is where life revolves around. You know that whatever weather next season brings, your home will keep your family comfortable, safe, and together.

But homes eventually show their age too. You hear a drip… drip… drip. You look up and immediately see there’s a leak coming from the roof. Not a second after you get a bucket down to catch the drops, questions flood your mind: How did this happen? Where does the leak start from? How much is this going to be to fix?

Put your mind at ease because Blue & Blue Roofing professionals will find and fix the problem above so you can forget about it below. Easily request a quote and our team with 30+ years of experience will guide you through what you’re looking at and what’s needed to fix it. With decades of experience in Kenmore and the Pacific Northwest, we’ve seen every type of roof repair imaginable, and we’ve repaired it all.

But don’t just take our word. Read from the Kenmore customers who are happy they chose Blue & Blue Roofing for their roof repair.

Blue & Blue Roofing Testimonials
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Kerwell Liao
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I had a shed that needed a new roof in less than a month and was having trouble finding companies with enough availability to take my project. One of the roofing companies I’d contacted referred me to Blue & Blue, and I’m happy they did! The team at Blue & Blue was extremely easy to work with. They happily answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and were unfazed when I changed the scope of the project several times. Furthermore, they were still able to finish the project in time despite me requesting changes in the scope of work and issues with the supply of roof shingles. Finally, the roof looks great and now I don’t have to worry about water getting into my shed!
Kerry Kahl
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Blue & Blue had to coordinate roof replacement with my solar contractor Puget Sound Solar. Their crew arrived as PSS was leaving to begin removal of old roof. They completed the new roof in two days-- and everyday they cleaned up around the house and yard. Both projects went smoothly and I high recommend Blue & Blue for this work. Price was excellent compared with other quotes, and I love the 25 year warranty!

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