CertainTeed Ridge Vent and Attic Vents

Reroof Ventilation

When you get a re-roof for your home, you should be getting an improved ventilation system. (NOTE: Make sure you talk about ventilation needs for your new roof). If your home is old enough for a new roof, it will need modernized/improved ventilation.

Ventilation is critical to increase airflow and prevent moisture damage. CLICK HERE TO SEE CERTAINTEED’S VENTILATION VIDEO. Every system installed by Blue & Blue Roofing Inc. addresses ventilation needs and improvements.

New Ventilation Benefits:

  • Better Air Circulation
  • Improved Home Efficiency
  • Decrease In Moisture/Mold
  • A Cooler Attic Means A Cooler Home
  • Extends New Roof Life
Be assured when you work with Blue & Blue Roofing Inc., we will help you understand the best level of ventilation for your new roof system.