Old family picture with grandmother and son sitting together smiling into the camera.

Blue & Blue Roofing Inc. (an origin story)

Thirty years ago I needed work and my grandma needed a new roof. Since it’s true that, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” it’s also true that necessity is the origin of our roofing business. Her neighbors saw the commitment to quality, and — one by one — hired me to replace their roofs.

This began my pursuit of finding the best possible roofing system guaranteeing every Blue & Blue Roofing customer the very best for their homes. My search eventually landed me working with CertainTeed Roofing Systems. Compared to other products and systems, this became my preferred partner. Why? Because I wanted my customers to have the best products, the best warranty, and the best manufacturer. In operation since 1904, CertainTeed has perfected its roofing systems and helped set the standard through modern improvements.

If time travel was possible, the only thing I would change about my first roof would be installing a CertainTeed system on my grandma’s roof. The work I did was done with care and perfection. What I now know about materials…that would’ve changed the actual product I put on her roof.

Our commitment has never changed through the years, but our roofing expertise has. Our commitment is this: We won’t put a roof system on your house that we wouldn’t install on our own grandmother’s house (with care and perfection).

After decades of dependable, trustworthy work in the Puget Sound Region, we can honestly say, “We’re better than ever!”