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Our Services

We have been providing exceptional roofing services since 1991. No matter your roof type, we got you covered! We offer full roof installations, replacements, and general repairs and upkeeps to make sure your roof is not only the most beautiful it can be, but also strong enough to withstand anything.

Products We Carry

CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed is a leading U.S. manufacturer steep slope roofing products for residential roofing applications. CertainTeed has served the roofing industry for 100 years, establishing a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and technical innovation.

We also offer low slope residential roofing services.
Residential (CertainTeed) Thumbnail

Residential CertainTeed

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs offer a distinctive look that cannot be matched by any other roofing, also works great for solar and many other green building applications.

Meanwhile, slate and shake roofs will give your home a traditional look with shingles made from split logs.

Metal Roofing (Nu-Ray Metals) Thumbnail

Metal Roofing Nu-Ray Metals

Other Exterior Services

We will replace or install a skylight in your home. Please note that we do not handle interior finishing work.

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Skylights VELUX

A Look At Our Services

We offer residential roof installations, replacement, repairs, and roof inspections. During an inspection we will provide a verbal assessment of your roof followed by an emailed proposal for recommended work.

When a new roof is needed, we tear off all existing roofing. This allows us to provide an inspection of the existing decking. New roofing is installed over a qualified roof deck. This allows for a 50-year manufacturer warranty on CertainTeed composition roofing, alongside our own 10-year workmanship warranty.

Lastly, if your roof is leaking, you might not need a complete replacement. Leaks often result from loose flashings or damaged sections of your roof. We also repair damage caused by factors such as storms.

  • house Installations
  • house Replacements
  • house Repairs

Do I Need An Inspection?

If your home is more than 15 years old, or shows any of the following warning signs, then you may need a roof inspection to assess damages and determine need for repairs or replacement.


Ceiling Spots

Check ceiling, attics, and rafters for leaks. Check chimney and vents for cracks in flashing


Damaged Flashing

Caused by improper installation or drying and cracking


Missing Shingles

Caused by improper fastening or exposure to high winds


Buckling & Curling

Caused by improperly applied felt or movement in the deck



Caused by moisture in shingles or excessive use of asphalt plastic cement


Algae Growth

Common problem in warm, humid climates


Missing Granules

On aging shingles, missing granules indicate need for replacement



Common problem with organic-based shingles

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